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Phone number(619)733-0172

Work hours7am-10pm

Address386 East H St. Suite 209 Chula Vista, CA 91910 Located in Terra Nova Shopping Center

Contact personBusy Bees Locks & Keys

7am-10pmChula Vista Locksmith- Our Chula Vista Locksmith Shop is located at 386 East H St. Suite 209. Chula Vista, CA 91910.  We are the only Chula Vista Locksmith Shop East of the 805 Freeway! Unlike many of the other “Chula Vista Locksmith Companies” we are actually in Chula Vista, CA!

Chula Vista Locksmith

Our Chula Vista Locksmith shop

Our Chula Vista Locksmith shop

Busy Bees Locks and Keys Chula Vista Locksmith Service

Providing Locksmith Service To 91910,91911,91913,91914,91915 and all areas surrounding Chula Vista, CA.

Residential Chula Vista Locksmith Services, Commercial Chula Vista Locksmith Services, & Automotive Chula Vista Locksmith Services- We do it all in Chula Vista!

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chula vista locksmith

Thank you for your interest in Busy Bees Locks & Keys. Our Chula Vista Locksmith service is San Diego County’s #1 Rated Locksmith according to & We were voted #1 Locksmith by in 2011 & 2010 and we are an A+ rated Locksmith by the San Diego BBB.

We are not a franchised company operated from the East Coast.  We are a local family owned business based right here in Chula Vista.  We have Locksmiths that live in Chula Vista, we are only minutes away.

chula vista locksmith

Our Team is Here to Serve You!

We are the Chula Vista Locksmith you can trust!

100’s of customers can’t be wrong- Click the link below to see!


Other Chula Vista Locksmith companies may tell you a low price over the phone like $19 Dollars but that’s not what you will pay at the end.  We are the Chula Vista Locksmith company that quote you honest accurate prices based on what you tell us you need.  We don’t offer a range and charge more!

We want to be your Chula Vista Locksmith for life!

Residential Chula Vista Locksmith Services
House Lockouts- Don’t get locked out.  Let us get you in!
Locks Rekeyed
Hardware Installation
Master Keying
High Security Locks
Mailbox Lock Replacement
Garage Door Remotes

Automotive Chula Vista Locksmith Services
Car Keys- Made on the spot!
Lost Car Keys
Laser Cut/ Sidewinder Keys
Transponder Keys
Computer Chip Keys
High Security / Dealer Only Keys
Motorcycle Keys
Honda / Acura / Toyota / Lexus Immobilizer Reflashing (don’t pay dealer prices!)
Ignition/ Door Lock Repair and Replacement
Re-Key Entire Vehicle- Don’t Let the Dealer replace all of your locks. Call us first!

chula vista locksmith

We can make keys for the following vehicles in Chula Vista:

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About Us

Licensed Locksmith- We are a licensed, insured, local and family-owned and operated San Diego locksmith. (CA LCO#3858, CA Contractor C28 License #974438)

Mobile Locksmith Service- We offer fast and reliable mobile service anywhere in San Diego County.

Friendly Service Guaranteed- We are professional locksmiths, but that doesn’t require us to be unfriendly. We hired your Locksmith for personality first. No jerks here!

San Diego Locksmith Shop– Come to us and save money! Our shops are located at 1747 Kettner Blvd. San Diego. 92101 or 386 East H. St. Suite 209. Chula Vista, CA 91910.  We are Open Mon-Fri 9.30-5.30 & Saturday 10.00-3.00.

Fast & Reliable Service- Depending on your location we could be at your address in San Diego as little as 15 minutes. We do not want you locked out of your house or car.

Satisfaction Guaranteed- You can count on us for the best locksmith service in San Diego. We have hundreds of real satisfied customer reviews online.

PLEASE NOTE: Some works require prior appointment. Please call at 619-733-0172 to schedule a time for a specialist to be onsite to take care of you.

Busy Bees Locks & Keys Locksmith

Let us be your 1st choice for Chula Vista Locksmith. 

Call us now 619-733-0172!

We are the Chula Vista locksmith you can  trust!  Other Chula Vista Locksmith companies may tell you a low price over the phone like $19 Dollars but that’s not what you will pay at the end.  We are the locksmith in Chula Vista that quote you honest accurate prices based on what you tell us you need.  We don’t offer a range and charge more!  We want to be your Chula Vista locksmith for life!

We have hundreds of real 5 * Reviews from our customers that say we’re the Best Locksmith in Chula Vista and San Diego County. We provide 24 hour mobile locksmith service in Chula Vista and operate a full service Locksmith Shop conveniently located at 386 East H. St Suite 209 in Chula Vista, CA 91910.  Or we also have a Locksmith Shop in Downtown San Diego on 1747 Kettner Blvd. San Diego, CA 92101 in Little Italy.  We can cut or make keys for almost anything!

Are your locks hard to turn? Is your key getting harder to turn in your lock? Dirt and grime are your locks worst enemies.  If you live near the bay or water like some of us in Chula Vista do, your locks may be corroded or rusty. Our #1 rule is- Don’t forget the lube! Keep your locks working great for years by periodically lubricating the latches and spraying lubricant in the cylinders. Many people use graphite, which is a good product. However, they tend to spray so much graphite that it causes a backup of gunk that will keep your key from working right. WD40 is an okay product to use but, does not leave a long lasting lubricant as its main ingredient is kerosene. Our locksmiths recommend using a synthetic based lubricant, there are many on the market. The products our locksmiths use professionally are called Tri-flow and Superlube.  We sell these products in our Locksmith shop in Chula Vista so stop by and pick some up today.

By the way, If you call Busy Bees Locks and Keys to come out and service your locks in Chula Vista we will lubricate all of your exterior locks for you before we leave.  There is no extra charge for this service if we are already there.

Door Hardware is expensive, we want to make sure you get a long life out of your locks.  Call the Chula Vista Locksmith you can trust, Busy Bees Locks & Keys!

Are you thinking should I really spend the money to rekey my house or rekey my business in Chula Vista?

Do you know who has a key to your house or business? Unless you bought the locks and installed them yourself it could be Real Estate Agents, Property Managers, Tradesmen, Old Tenants, half of Chula Vista, who knows!
We always recommend changing your locks or rekey whenever you move into new home or business. It may also be necessary if a roommate moves out, domestic dispute, or if there has been a termination of employment at your business. Why? It’s very easy for somebody to go down to the local hardware store and make unknown copies of the key to your home or business? Even if the key states, “Do Not Duplicate”, many places will copy them with no questions asked. Even a reputable Locksmith will copy them with a letter of authorization. You never REALLY know if the person bringing the key to get copied is the legitimate owner but that is all the law requires.

There are some ways of gaining absolute key control of your home or business. Our locksmith service can install a restricted keyway system.  Restricted keyways are a relatively economical way of be sure that your key can’t be copied at the local hardware store or liquor mart. There are also some very high security locks that are not only bump-proof and pick-proof, but a registration card is required to obtain additional copies of the keys.

If you are purchasing a home, at least have the locks rekeyed by a reputable locksmith service in Chula Vista. Many of the foreclosed homes are on the SAME KEY! Think about how many foreclosed homes there have been in Eastlake? There could easily be tens of thousands of people with the same key that will open your new house.

One other benefit to rekeying your locks is that they will work much better after they are cleaned and have fresh pins inside. We also lubricate and clean the strikes, leaving the lock functioning like new again.

Cost of a good honest licensed Locksmith in Chula Vista, affordable- Peace of mind, priceless.

If you are looking for a Locksmith in Chula Vista to rekey your house or business give us a call, we can help 619-733-0172.Call Busy Bees Locks & Keys for your Chula Vista Locksmith service!