Locks Hard To Turn

Are your locks hard to turn? Is your key getting harder to turn in your lock? Dirt and grime are your locks worst enemies. Don’t forget the lube! Keep your locks working great for years by periodically lubricating the latches and spraying lubricant in the cylinders. Many people use graphite, which is a good product. However, they tend to spray so much graphite that it causes a backup of gunk that will keep your key from working right. WD40 is an okay product to use but, does not leave a long lasting lubricant as its main ingredient is kerosene. I recommend using a synthetic based lubricant, there are many on the market. The ones I use professionally are called Tri-flow and Superlube.  We sell these products in our Locksmith shop in San Diego so stop by and pick some up today.

If you call Busy Bees Locks and Keys to come out and service your locks at your house we will lubricate all of your exterior locks for you before we leave.  Door Hardware is expensive, we want to make sure you get a long life out of your locks.