Should I rekey my house?

Are you thinking should I really spend the money to rekey my house or rekey my business?
Do you know who has a key to your house or business?
Ever wonder if somebody has a key to your house or business? Odds are, Yes. We always recommend changing your locks or rekey whenever you move into new home or business. It may also be necessary if a roommate moves out or if there has been a termination of employment at your business.Why? How easy is it for somebody to go down to the local hardware store and make unknown copies of the key to your home or business? Maybe a friend of theirs is not very honest, who knows.Even if the key states, “Do Not Duplicate”, many places will copy them with no questions asked. Even a reputable locksmith will copy them with a letter of authorization. You never REALLY know if this is legitimate, but that is all the law requires.There are some ways of gaining absolute key control of your home or business. Restricted keyways are a relatively economical way of be sure that your key can’t be copied at the local hardware store or liquor mart. There are also some very high security locks that are not only bump-proof and pick-proof, and a registration card is required to obtain additional copies of the keys.

If you are purchasing a home, at least have the locks rekeyed by a reputable locksmith service. Many of the foreclosed homes are on the SAME KEY! There could easily be 100,000 or more with the same key as your new house.

One other benefit to rekeying your locks is that they will work much better after they are cleaned and have fresh pins inside. We also lubricate and clean the strikes, leaving the lock functioning like new again.

Peace of mind, priceless.

If you are looking for a locksmith in San Diego County to rekey your house or business give us a call, we can help.

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